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    Download1052 1.77 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44
Convert Text to jpeg for portability and reading on photo devices
    Download1123 480.8 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44
Very Good site ripper for analizing or viewing offline
    Download1138 3.1 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44
Easy to install mysql task project organizer, only Project manager can assign tasks, and only the person assigned can see their work.
    Download1133 25.43 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
multi-track audio editor and recorder ( sound forge like but free )
    Download1182 3.01 Mb 22.02.2018 22:43 jebbit
Connect with another computer. Just like Teamviewer but free.
    Download661 2.47 Mb 03.09.2019 23:57 jebbit
Text to
Text to speech using the tts.exe engine. Converts Text to MP3 or Wave format for audio playback. I simply created a small cheesy windows interface to make it more user friendly. I Mainly use it to listen to my audio books but audio can be played directy from the interface. Use directly on your deskt
    Download1238 731.71 Kb 24.11.2018 02:10 Jebbit
    Download76 668 Kb 04.11.2018 23:18
Auto downloader for Plex
    Download915 8.68 Mb 22.02.2018 22:45 jebbit
Portable Mplayer
    Download1192 4.81 Mb 22.02.2018 22:45 jebbit
    Download1042 4.37 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44
Encrypted Password protector
    Download1160 1.03 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
KabBOT2 v1.rar
    Download1080 90.89 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44
KabBOT v4.0.rar
2moons target spammer,potions,movment.
    Download1074 99.3 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44
Portable Firefox browser
    Download1124 6.09 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
Portable FTP utility
    Download1157 2.28 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
Bulk Rename Utility. Works great for bulk renaming files for PLEX and other media servers that need specific formatting.
    Download888 112.85 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
Portable information eraser
    Download1153 1.13 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
1DuckieTV is an awesome torrent program for Windows. Auto search and download as new shows air. Jackett is also part of the ZIP file to add additional sites to download from if you have a favorite not already listed
    Download595 71.1 Mb 23.09.2018 21:19
portable command prompt
    Download1157 105.97 Kb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
Free portable virus scan
    Download1200 6.02 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
record live computer screen and voice for presentations ( GPL )
    Download1279 1.3 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
Bulk rename.rar
Any type of BULK file renaming you can think of.
    Download1197 744.3 Kb 22.02.2018 22:43
Text to Speech. Easy to use. Converts to Wav or plays directly.
    Download777 16.56 Mb 24.11.2018 02:46 jebbit
AutoHotkey is an open source macro-making utility for Windows that can automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. It can also create hotkeys for keyboard, mouse, joystick, and handheld remote controls. Similarly, it can create abbreviations that expand as you type them (AutoTex
    Download1169 1.91 Mb 22.02.2018 22:44 jebbit
(ctrl+alt+t) any page on your desk top to keep it on top of everything else, use command again to release it.
    Download1500 5.9 Kb 22.02.2018 22:43 jebbit
Total Space Used: 138.63 Mb

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