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My uploads for my personal use or built by me. Feel free to use without any expectations. You take full responsibility and liability for anything you download here.

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    Download1411 1.93 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Need Autohotkey to use. Basic spammer and healer with a few options. Pic is at
    Download1389 1.66 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40 Jebbit
Self contained resupplier for 2 moons vendor 1280X768
    Download1419 3.66 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
2Autoit is the best working fisher if I remember correctly. attached are all the scripts I worked with.
    Download1372 1.63 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40 Jebbit
My personal work, needs screenocrsdk and file in c: to work without issue
    Download1349 5.69 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
1/12/2011 update for 2 moons Dekaron skill spammer
    Download1467 2.12 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
No Focus Spammer.exe
spams targets and loots No Focus Needed....does not heal
    Download1458 653.5 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40 Jebbit
Just my personal work, nothing usful here to most people
    Download1380 3.41 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
KabBot Fixed.rar
Current Bot, working as of 2/7/11...Non working ones removed
    Download1492 173.34 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40 Jebbit
Fisher XP 2 control
2moons dekaron auto fisher
    Download1562 22 b 31.07.2023 18:40 Jebbit
Total Space Used: 846.96 Kb

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