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Download 823
zip.gif Elite Channel
688.58 Kb 21.11.2019 02:19
Download 1678
Awesome video editor for web or other
Home//web host collection
323.22 Kb 03.11.2019 16:48
Download 1881
Per request this is a log reading fisher. There is no Lure setting available, but its stupid simple to use with some checks so it will not get stuck.
Home//Rift Addon and More
268 b 02.11.2019 08:44
Download 1298
zip.gif Fisher XP 2 control
2moons dekaron auto fisher
Home//Dekaron 2moons
22 b 02.11.2019 08:34
Download 622
Connect with another computer. Just like Teamviewer but free.
Home//GPL Freeware
2.47 Mb 03.09.2019 23:57
Download 887
exe.gif rufus-3.3.exe
Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc.
Home//Linux Stuff
1003.05 Kb 30.11.2018 02:02
Download 892
exe.gif UusbINST.exe
install various ios images to usb drive
Home//Linux Stuff
1.7 Mb 30.11.2018 01:59
Download 746
Text to Speech. Easy to use. Converts to Wav or plays directly.
Home//GPL Freeware
16.56 Mb 24.11.2018 02:46
Download 956
Text to Speech. Easy to use. Converts to Wav or plays directly.
16.56 Mb 24.11.2018 02:45
Download 1195
zip.gif Text to
Text to speech using the tts.exe engine. Converts Text to MP3 or Wave format for audio playback. I simply created a small cheesy windows interface to make it more user friendly. I Mainly use it to listen to my audio books but audio can be played directy from the interface. Use directly on your deskt
Home//GPL Freeware
731.71 Kb 24.11.2018 02:10