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defaut.gif database.php
Home//2-RunUO 2.0 scripts
1 b 02.12.2023 01:06
Download 1399
exe.gif No Focus Spammer.exe
spams targets and loots No Focus Needed....does not heal
Home//Dekaron 2moons
653.5 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1502
auto.gif fish8.ahk
Home//Rift Addon and More
1.52 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1100
This has been updated to show the Starfall resource nodes. The artifact portion has not been updated only the tracking of resources. Not my script, just updating it for my use. Can be extracted and dropped into your addon directly or to overwrite your current version.
Home//Rift Addon and More
613.97 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1153
zip.gif Event
Cross shard customizable event notifier (Rift AddOn[stand alone exe]). Activate exe and it sits in your system tray. Left click on and off. Right click for custimization or exit. Website if you choose to dl directly.
Home//Rift Addon and More
271.94 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1118
zip.gif Text Extention .zip
Open script with text editor and follow instructions. This script will pop up messages/whispers just off center. The Game does not have to be in focus for this script to work.Snapshot - f5=start Text to speech. F6= stop TTS.
Home//Rift Addon and More
216.46 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1124
This is a module from big boss mod. I have updated the ready checker with the newer Starfall items (most of them). Again this is PART of the "King-Molinator" folder. Simply unzip and drop into the moduels directory to overwrite the current folder(Addons\King-Molinator\Modules). "This is not a stand
Home//Rift Addon and More
12.15 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1786
auto.gif fish9.ahk
Autohotkey fisher. There is no Lure setting available, but its stupid simple to use with some checks so it will not get stuck.
Home//Rift Addon and More
4.16 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1329
Just my personal work, nothing usful here to most people
Home//Dekaron 2moons
3.41 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40
Download 1360
Self contained resupplier for 2 moons vendor 1280X768
Home//Dekaron 2moons
3.66 Kb 31.07.2023 18:40