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This is the old Autohotkey recorder that no longer comes with the build. Allows you to create point and click macros for immidiate use or to incorperate into your Autohotkey scripts.
    Download1532 16.66 Kb 22.02.2018 22:41 Jebbit
    Download1566 7.66 Kb 22.02.2018 22:41 Jebbit
auto heal new5
second part of the script, both items have to be on your desktop. you may have to adjust the folder options to find them for your system.
    Download1528 997 b 22.02.2018 22:41 Jebbit
elven blood3
Script for Facebook Elven Blood. You need the program and you will have to mod the mouse placement for you screen size and resolution.
    Download1458 946 b 22.02.2018 22:41 Jebbit
35 meg video of how the script works
    Download1684 35.04 Mb 22.02.2018 22:42
Total Space Used: 35.06 Mb

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